We do provide a highly professional security reception services that is second to none that will turn out to be a valued addition to your existing staff. We employ trained and experienced security staff that can perform all duties and responsibilities required for a reception security personnel.
From providing a warm welcome to visitors to your location, switchboard call handling, access control, monitoring of movements. Our security reception service will ensure that only authorized people can access your location and ensure that the health and safety regulation are strictly adhered to.


Our security receptionists also performs the following services and duties in respect of security checks at your business building front desk or office.

• Ensuring security of access through doors, windows and main entrance
• Responding to alarms and detecting any sign of intrusion
• Patrolling of the building premises
• Monitoring the arrival and departure of staff and visitors to protect the premises from theft, crime and vandalism
• Establishing emergency contacts to local police department and fire department
• Regular checks of alarm security system to ensure they do function properly at all times

Making use of body security scanner equipment to screen people and prevent unauthorized entries to restricted areas.
Control as well as monitor various machinery equipment system in the building, including Heating/furnace, Air conditioners and boilers.

Your security receptionist from Emergency (UK) Security Ltd will adhere strictly to the best of the industries professional etiquette and conventions and will look presentable by wearing your own choosing uniform, a designated uniform or Emergency UK Security Ltd uniform. Our staff are usually inducted to understand their roles and responsibilities in regards to your business.

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