Question: Why should I use your security company?


Answer: Emergency (UK) Security Ltd is the complete package when it comes to security services. Our services are tailor made to suit your individual needs. The company is fully insured, regulated, and bonded.


Question: What geographical areas are covered by your company?


Answer: We are a nationwide company, we cover all areas of the United Kingdom.


Question: Do you only work for large organisations?


Answer: No; we work for all sizes of business as long as they are solvent and economically viable.


Question: Are your security officers trained and monitored?


Answer: Our security operatives are all first aid and fire trained and are all SIA licenced.


Question: What does the term SIA stand for?


Answer: The term SIA stands for SECURITY INDUSTRY AUTHORITY. It is a voluntary body that helps regulate the security industry.



Phone lines are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Management mobile phones are also reachable 24 hours, 7 days a week

Emergency (UK) Security Ltd
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SE18 5DH Tel: 0208 317 6948
Fax: 0208 331 0002
Email: info@emergencyuksecurity.co.uk










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