If you want to protect your premise, workplace from shoplifting and any other form of criminal damage, CCTV security surveillance is worth considering. CCTV, the abbreviation for Closed Circuit Television, goes beyond just recording the video footage of the crime.

The CCTV cameras bring in reliability and trust amongst public. Moreover, they are an indisputable form of evidence while doing justice to the criminals. The public sector UK has regarded CCTV surveillance as the primary solution for urban improvement.

Studying your security needs thoroughly, Emergency (UK) Security Ltd will ensure your CCTV cameras are installed in the correct places, so that criminals are caught before they commit any unlawful act. Our team recommends the exact number of cameras needed and then strategically place them at your premises for the optimum results.

However, we can’t succeed in counteracting the illicit actions at shops, buildings, streets, and other public places by merely installing the CCTV cameras. They need to be constantly monitored by expert security guards seated in a remote office at Emergency (UK) Security Ltd.

Some major benefits offered by our CCTV surveillance solutions include:

• Installation and monitoring of CCTV system
• Constant monitoring of most susceptible precincts
• 24/7 security guaranteed
• Use of cutting-edge equipment and technology
• High-resolution image clarity for visual criminal deterrence
• Highly professional team and trained CCTV operators working round the clock to ensure the safety of your premise, shop or building

As one of the most reputable and reliable CCTV security companies in the UK, we use the most advanced technology and tools in order to cater to the security needs of our clients throughout London and across the UK.
Our CCTV operators are well-trained and skilled to make the most of CCTV surveillance system. Our CCTV installation and monitoring team is fully licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and adheres to the most stringent of industry standards.

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